Azadeh Khaleghi

Hiking over the clouds! La Palma, Canaries, April 2012

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I am doing a post-doc at Institut Curie’s  center for Computational Biology, directed by Jean-Philippe Vert. My current research interests include devising statistical methods for cancer research. Following my PhD research, I also continue to take interest in the theoretical aspects of sequential learning in extremely general settings.

I did my PhD at the SequeL lab INRIA, Lille - Nord Europe, under the supervision of Daniil Ryabko. My PhD thesis is on unsupervised learning methods for highly dependent time-series generated by stationary-ergodic process distributions.

I received my MASc under Frank Kschischang’s supervision at the University of Toronto’s department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. My MASc. thesis is on adversarial error-correction for network coding.