Alice Schoenauer Sebag, PhD

Post-doc in the Wu and Altschuler lab (UCSF) and engineer of the French civil corporation des ponts, des eaux et des forĂȘts

Alice Since September 2016, I've joined the Wu and Altschuler lab (UCSF) as a post-doctoral scholar, where I work on representation learning for drug discovery.

Quick bio

I defended my PhD of Bioinformatics in December 2015 (CBIO, Mines ParisTech), after three years under the supervision of Thomas Walter, and the direction of Robert Barouki and Jean-Philippe Vert. During my PhD, I was interested in applying computer vision and machine learning methods to video-microscopy data. My research focused on the development of tools for automatic and quantitative characterization of cellular dynamic processes from video-microscopy data, following chemical exposure.

Between my PhD and my post-doc, I had the chance to develop machine learning approaches for challenging real world problems and data related to insurance fraud detection at Shift technology.

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