Pratical session: Support vector machines, kernels and applications in computational biology

This page contains material relevant to the practical session of the machine learning for computational biology module taught by Jean-Philippe Vert at Mines ParisTech.


  • Lecture slides of the course are available on Jean-Philippe Vert's website.
  • The pratical session requires R installed on your machine, with packages kernlab, ggplot2 and ROCR.
  • You can get familiar with R with this reference card and this tutorial.


    You will need:
  • The main R script to run progressively.
  • The notes that will guide through the script together with some questions.
  • The Answers!


    If you have any questions regarding the pratical session or if you want to send us your work on the bonus section, email Elsa Bernard (elsa [dot] bernard (at) mines-paristech [dot] fr) and Matahi Moarii (matahi [dot] moarii (at) mines-paristech [dot] fr) .