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The final version of my PhD thesis is available here.

I am a PhD student at the Ecole des Mines de Paris (France) and I am very glad to work with my scientific advisors Jean-Philippe Vert and Francis Bach. I am interested in statistical learning methods, graph-based representation methods in pattern recognition and graph algorithms. My current research is related to graph matching algorithms, machine learning methods and their applications in bioinformatics and computer vision.

2005-2006ENS Cachan: Master program: "Mathematics, vision and machine learning"
2004-2005 Ecole Polytechnique: International Program (third year of studies)
2003-2004 Comcon (Marketing research company): Statistician
1998-2003 Saint-Petersburg State University: mathematics and mechanics faculty, statistical simulation department
1995-1998 Physico-Mathematical Lyceum 239