Thomas Walter
   Heidelberg Thomas Walter
I am a researcher at the Centre for Computational Biology (CBIO), which I have joined in 2012. Before, I worked at the EMBL Heidelberg.
mitocheck My research field is Bioimage Informatics, the branch of Computational Biology that takes images as primary source of information. This emerging discipline combines methods from image processing, image analysis, machine learning and bioinformatics to answer concrete biological questions. More particularly, I am interested in High Content Screening (HCS), as a method to systematically study biological processes by analyzing cellular phenotypes.
mitocheck The Centre for Computational Biology, headed by Jean-Philippe Vert, is a joint laboratory between MINES ParisTech, one of the most prominent French engineering schools, and Institut Curie, a major hospital and research center dedicated to cancer. We benefit from an exceptional scientific environment with immediate access to experts and collaborators in biology and medicine enabling a stimulating interdisciplinary exchange. The laboratory is located on the Paris campus of Institut Curie, near Pantheon.
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