• Mail: benoit (dot) playe (at) mines-paristech (dot) fr
  • Address: Institut Curie - Centre de recherche Biologie du developpement - U900
  • 26 rue d'Ulm
  • 75248 Paris cedex 05, France

I am a PhD candidate at Center for computational biology which is a joint research unit involving Mines ParisTech, Institut Curie and INSERM. The center is dedicated to epidemiology, bioinformatics and computational systems biology of cancer. I am supervised by Véronique Stoven.

My field of research is statistical and machine learning methods for mining complex and heterogeneous large datasets. I have a particular interest for biological applications. More precisely, I am currently working on two topics of medical interest:

The first project aims at predicting drug-target interaction on large scale, i.e. at the scale of the human proteome. This implies developing methods to encode small molecules and proteins. Applications of these methods include virtual screening of drugs, and deciphering of drugs mechanisms of action.

The second project aims at identifying new drugs for Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) based on sensitivity to various drugs of many types of tumor cells described by complex biological features (mutations, chromosome copy number, gene expression etc…). TNBC is a particular invasive cancer with no dedicated therapy available today. This project could contribute to identify drugs currently on the market for other indications (including drugs that are not used today in cancer) as candidates for drug repositioning against TNBC.