Welcome to my academic homepage. I am currently part of the machine learning team at Sancare. Until September 2017 I was a postdoctoral researcher at the Centre for Computational Biology, headed by Jean-Philippe Vert, at the Institut Curie and Mines ParisTech in Paris, France. Prior to joining CBIO, I was part of the SIERRA project-team, led by Francis Bach, at the École Normale Supérieure and INRIA. I did my PhD at the Machine Learning and Computational Biology group at the Max Planck Institutes for Intelligent Systems and for Developmental Biology in Tübingen, Germany. My PhD advisor was Karsten Borgwardt.


My research is broadly concerned with the development of machine learning and statistics tools to understand complex data. My doctoral work was mainly focused on the development of expressive and scalable representation and comparison methods for graph-structured data (graph kernels). Later I worked on structured sparsity and on machine learning methods allowing to study biological phenomena, such as the clonal evolution of tumors, or the relationships between chromosome conformation and gene regulation.