Workshop "Kernel Methods in Computational Biology"
Harnack-Haus, Berlin, April 14, 2003

Max Planck Institute for Biological CyberneticsComputational Biology Research CenterEcole des Mines de Paris Computational Biology Group


Computational biology aims at processing, analyzing and making sense out of huge amount of data produced by high-throughput technologies such as DNA sequencing technologies, DNA and protein microarrays, mass spectrometry or yeast two-hybrid systems. These data are heterogeneous by nature (vectors, strings, graphs...), and often noisy and high-dimensionnal. Kernel methods, such as support vector machines, are promising tools in this context, combining good performances with the ability to manipulate virtually any type of objects thanks to the kernel trick. A number or kernel functions for biological objects have been proposed recently, with encouraging results on several classification issues.

The goal of this one-day workshop (which follows the Research in Computational Molecular Biology RECOMB 2003 conference) is to review the state-of-the-art in the application of kernel methods to biology in order to highlight promising research directions, and to foster communication between the computational biology and machine learning communities.

No prior knowledge in kernel methods is expected: we explicitly encourage participation of researchers in computational biology interested in new algorithms and tools to process post-genomics data. The workshop will begin with a tutorial on kernel methods.

Call for paper

Sorry, the call for paper is over by now. The submission deadline was March 14th, 2003.

Here is a text version of the initial call for paper.

Invited Speakers


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Registration is free, but we ask you for a 10 euros contribution towards the cost of lunch and drinks. This money will be collected when you pick up your badge. Registration to RECOMB2003 is not required.

Registration is now closed. The list of registered participants can be found here

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